Public Waste Drop-offWaste Drop-Off


Bavarian operates a public waste drop-off location at our Walton landfill. Here you may, for small fees, drop off your household waste or your bulky trash items. At our public drop-off, we can accept any non-hazardous waste including: household trash, yard waste, furniture, TV’s, appliances (excluding refrigerators and freezers containing Freon), mattresses, etc.


We pride ourselves on keeping our prices for this service as low as possible. We charge per ton of waste we receive with minimum load charges based on the size of the vehicle or trailer hauling the waste. For your convenience, all load charges and vehicle capacities are determined by Bavarian personnel.


When you visit our facility at 12764 McCoys Fork Road, Walton, KY 41094, stop at the enclosure attached to our main office building and our friendly, knowledgeable scale staff will accept your payment and direct you to our waste drop-off location.


Prohibited Wastes


No load may contain oil, fuel, anti-freeze, Freon, liquefied paint, or batteries. Tires can be accepted, but require an additional charge because they must be specially processed.




At Bavarian, we pride ourselves on our commitment to safety and take prudent efforts to keep our operations as safe as possible. However, because we cannot control every aspect of a public dumping or waste drop-off area, you dump at your own risk when visiting our facility. Bavarian assumes no liability for any accidents. Please exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings when you visit Bavarian!


Contact us


Please call us today at (859) 485-4416 to learn more about our pricing and how you can visit our public drop-off location!