Solidification Services


Solidification for Non-Hazardous Liquid Waste


Bavarian offers convenient, cost effective and environmentally friendly solidification and disposal services for Liquid Wastes. We strive to provide a safe and effective way to dispose of your liquid waste.


Bavarian’s solidification process involves mixing non-hazardous liquid waste with selected absorbents in the pit (shown in the picture) to create a substance that will pass a paint filter test before being landfilled. Solidifying liquid waste in this manner allows you to economically dispose of non-hazardous liquids in our Subtitle D landfill located in Walton, Kentucky.




The first step towards saving money by disposing of your Liquid Waste at Bavarian is completing our Waste Profile Application and providing us with analytical data on your Liquid Waste. We will then evaluate your non-hazardous liquid waste to see if it qualifies for our solidification treatment. Once approved, you can be sure that the solidification and disposal will be conducted in a safe and timely manner in full compliance with all local, state and federal environmental regulations. Upon request, Bavarian will provide a Certificate of Disposal after project completion.




Bavarian offers numerous benefits to generators of non-hazardous liquid wastes, including:


•  Cost savings over alternative treatment and disposal solutions
•  Compliance with all local, state and federal environmental regulations
•  Convenient location just off Interstate 75 at Exit #171s


Examples of Suitable Liquid Wastes


Bavarian’s solidification services are appropriate for a wide range of industrial, commercial and residential non-hazardous liquid wastes, including:


•  off-spec and expired food products
•  car wash cleanout
•  catch basin grit
•  grease trap waste
•  ink sludges
•  non-hazardous household liquids
•  off-spec products
•  paint sludges
•  pigment sludges
•  pollution control sludges
•  pond cleanouts
•  process sludges
•  quench oils
•  refinery sludges
•  tank cleanouts
•  wastewater treatment sludges


Prohibited Wastes


Bavarian does not accept any of the following under any circumstances:


•  Hazardous Wastes (Toxic, Flammable, Reactive, Corrosive, or Explosive);*
•  Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) contaminated wastes in excess of 49 ppm (mg/kg);
•  Halogenated Organics in excess of 1000 mg/L;
•  Solvents of any kind in excess of 1% (10,000 ppm);
•  Infectious Wastes.**


* Hazardous Wastes are determined by use of the RCRA tests (i.e., TCLP ignitability, corrosivity) and any listed, land banned, or categorically defined hazardous waste.
** Infectious/Medical wastes are not strictly prohibited from landfill disposal, but it is our landfill policy not to accept them due to potential employee exposure upon disposal.


Waste Profile Documentation


If you’re interested in receiving more Liquid Waste information, please complete the Waste Profile Application (requires Adobe Acrobat) and mail, fax, or e-mail the completed profile to:




Nick Brueggemann


Bavarian Waste Services
12764 McCoys Fork Road
Walton, Kentucky 41094


Fax: (859) 485-1406
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